I made a resume all by myself.

Last tuesday I found out there would be a career fair the following day (I was too late for the tuesday part of it). I didn’t have a resume prepared. Tuesday night, I went to Michael’s (arts and crafts) on the way home. I purchased oversized construction paper, glitter glue, and crayons. At the checkout lane I asked the cashier if she could think of anything more obnoxious for a resume than those items. She told me that I was off to a good start.

I didn’t have any time to work on it that night because grandma talks at me for a while when I get home. So the next morning before my compilers class I started working on one, and realized it was going to take a very long time to dry using that much glitter glue. There were 50 sheets of construction paper. Between compilers and physics I wrote my name, e-mail and phone number on the other 49 sheets, in the same three colors of crayons for all of them. After physics I usually help people with their physics homework for an hour or two. During that time I drew the Konami code, a blue’s clues paw print, and a four leaf clover in glitter glue on several sheets (I didn’t keep an exact count). Then I added stickers and something unique to all of those in the remaining space. The best were “Cowabunga” and a Pac-Man eating dots.

After the glue dried and I was done helping people with physics, I microwaved some delicious frozen food I had sitting in my trunk, in a cooler. (This is how I eat at college). Then I headed over to the career fair. I passed out several “copies” (each handmade) of my resume to various companies. Microsoft, by far, received it most favorably.

Here I thought Microsoft was a “suits” company. Apparently, creativity and fun are important to them. When I walked up to them with my “resume” I expected them to politely direct me to a preschool. That was my idea of entertainment for the day. Instead, one of the recruiters, upon seeing my “resume”, said, “Oh I got this one. That’s the most creative thing I’ve ever seen.” (Or something like that). She sat me down and asked real questions about my skills, experience, and interests. It was never stated that I should write up a “real” resume if I were serious. Either she was genuinely impressed with my creativity, or she’s remarkable at humoring people.

If this actually gets me an internship with Microsoft, I think I’ll take it. I haven’t thought very favorably about the company before, but it might be fun if I get to be creative. “Find a job you enjoy, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” Even if they don’t seriously consider me, receiving it so well made my day. (It also upset a lot of my peers that spent time and effort tailoring their resumes for Microsoft. Sorry guys. I was just playing around.)


  1. I’m sorry, but i have to post about this on Facebook! That is awesome! I hope you get the intern because of your glitter glue, sticker, construction paper resume! well Also for your abnormal smarts..but yeah.. this is going on Facebook! Sorry!

  2. Why would I mind? I have ads on my site so if it gets popular I make money. I’m glad you liked it.

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