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Google Cr-48

UPDATE: I was defeated! Also, I suck at math.

I was watching some video about what happens to your data when your Chrome notebook dies and there was some stuff on a chalkboard in the background. It took me probably 20 minutes to solve all the equations to get the wrong answer. So I’m replacing my wrong post with this more accurate one.

The board is at 2:24 (seek to 2:21 so you have time to pause):

C=8335727 (I had 8338041 here originally.)
M=552 (This took me most of the 20 minutes.)

X = G/(C*H*R*O*M-3)
X = 900.91/191605050401140404051920181525
X =

I got here on my own but with a different denominator and realized it was a url. From experience urls are 5 characters of case-sensitive letters and numbers. I was trying to figure out how to shrink it.

The winners split the denominator by twos.
X = 19 16 05 05 04 01 14 04 04 05 19 20 18 15 25
All of these numbers are between 1 and 26. They are just the positions of letters in the alphabet. When you translate them, you get.
X =
X marks the spot, go there.

I’m retarded for trying to solve this by hand. The winners plugged this into wolfram alpha.

People like to give me advice.

“Do your best.” “Don’t push yourself so hard.” “Take more classes.” “Take fewer classes.” “Help me with the computer.” “You spend to much time on the computer.” At least these are overt examples.

Yesterday, at a thanksgiving dinner, my grandmother’s friend asked, “Are you letting your hair grow long?” I knew exactly where this was going and responded, “Yes, is that a problem?” So, of course, she mentioned that my response was rude. Then she went on to ask, “Are you planning to put curlers in it?” She was insinuating that I wanted to look like a girl, or something along those lines. Who is the one being rude here? My grandmother interjected at this point explaining that she was the one that asked me to grow my hair long in the first place. I generally try to say as little as possible to avoid annoyances like this. Everyone I come into contact with has such superficial thoughts.

Today I received a letter from my grandmother on the east coast. The letter said nothing of the newspaper clippings enclosed. There were two complete articles out of the opinion section of the Patriot. Both articles were poorly researched and poorly written. One was about net neutrality and the other about people spending too much of their lives in front of a computer screen. I doubt the clippings were sent to me about net neutrality, so I have this to say, “If I were a field biologist, you’d be telling me I spend too much time outside.” I’m a computer science major, so I use computers.

People used to get yelled at for spending all their time writing to pen-pals. “Go outside and make some real friends.” Then they got yelled at for using the phone. “Why don’t you just go over to their house?” The current trend is social networking sites. “Get off the computer!” The fact of the matter is that the concept hasn’t changed. People will seek like-minded individuals so that they may discuss their interests on an equal level. The medium of communication is far less important than the content. That isn’t to say that social networking sites are intrinsically better than in-person communication. However, trying to force people to settle for less invigorating conversation isn’t exactly a solution to the “real friends” problem.

No two people seem to have exactly the same beliefs, so you are always doing something wrong from someone’s perspective. What really matters is whether or not you hurt other people. If your action (or inaction) causes people harm, you are doing something wrong. Otherwise, be happy and share your joy.

I made a resume all by myself.

Last tuesday I found out there would be a career fair the following day (I was too late for the tuesday part of it). I didn’t have a resume prepared. Tuesday night, I went to Michael’s (arts and crafts) on the way home. I purchased oversized construction paper, glitter glue, and crayons. At the checkout lane I asked the cashier if she could think of anything more obnoxious for a resume than those items. She told me that I was off to a good start.

I didn’t have any time to work on it that night because grandma talks at me for a while when I get home. So the next morning before my compilers class I started working on one, and realized it was going to take a very long time to dry using that much glitter glue. There were 50 sheets of construction paper. Between compilers and physics I wrote my name, e-mail and phone number on the other 49 sheets, in the same three colors of crayons for all of them. After physics I usually help people with their physics homework for an hour or two. During that time I drew the Konami code, a blue’s clues paw print, and a four leaf clover in glitter glue on several sheets (I didn’t keep an exact count). Then I added stickers and something unique to all of those in the remaining space. The best were “Cowabunga” and a Pac-Man eating dots.

After the glue dried and I was done helping people with physics, I microwaved some delicious frozen food I had sitting in my trunk, in a cooler. (This is how I eat at college). Then I headed over to the career fair. I passed out several “copies” (each handmade) of my resume to various companies. Microsoft, by far, received it most favorably.

Here I thought Microsoft was a “suits” company. Apparently, creativity and fun are important to them. When I walked up to them with my “resume” I expected them to politely direct me to a preschool. That was my idea of entertainment for the day. Instead, one of the recruiters, upon seeing my “resume”, said, “Oh I got this one. That’s the most creative thing I’ve ever seen.” (Or something like that). She sat me down and asked real questions about my skills, experience, and interests. It was never stated that I should write up a “real” resume if I were serious. Either she was genuinely impressed with my creativity, or she’s remarkable at humoring people.

If this actually gets me an internship with Microsoft, I think I’ll take it. I haven’t thought very favorably about the company before, but it might be fun if I get to be creative. “Find a job you enjoy, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” Even if they don’t seriously consider me, receiving it so well made my day. (It also upset a lot of my peers that spent time and effort tailoring their resumes for Microsoft. Sorry guys. I was just playing around.)

I met one of the dev-team developers.

Today I was just minding my own business doing physics homework while waiting for ACM club to start. Then some other people started waiting in the same area for the same thing. I got to talking to one of them about what the ACM club currently entails, and what it could potentially entail.

To verify credibility as a programmer, at some point this person asked if I heard about iPhone jailbreaking. I couldn’t really figure out the connection as it’s quite simple for anyone to jailbreak a phone thanks to dev-team’s programs. Then he mention that he’s a member of dev-team. After a few milliseconds of disbelief, followed by a few milliseconds of awe, I realized he was serious. Yeah, I’d say that gives him credibility. So I shook his hand.

To people in the normal world, this is like meeting a member of your favorite band at the local grocery store.

I bowled a 184.

Apparently both my grandmothers think I sleep too much. I have explained to both that sleep is how I deal with stress (which by the way is actually one of the healthiest ways to deal with it). I have a lot of homework, and I close my doors to concentrate. I would work on it at school but my grandmother complains that she worries when I’m In Tucson. (Why this is my fault I’ll probably never understand.) So I come home immediately to work on homework.
Thus ruining any chance to make friends. But that isn’t good enough. Apparently I’m supposed to get Stockholm syndrome and want to socialize with my captor. Not going to happen.

So after we had our little chat about me never leaving my room, apparently now I can miss dinner twice a week. Hardly compensation for being 27 and having a curfew, but it’s a start. I don’t sneak out here in the middle of the night to go for walks (mostly because it would terrify the locals if something moved outside), but I still spend a lot of time writing email, writing blog posts, and watching anime. All of which are apparently unnecessary, and if I were caught socializing on my computer instead of doing homework I’d get yelled at… And sleep to deal with the stress… Yeah it’s an endless cycle and it was the same in highschool before I dropped out. Except that was more learning unix than socializing, since I don’t keep in touch with people on IRC (except one person who probably doesn’t read my blog). Anyway I do these thing after I say I’m going to bed because it’s easier than justifying them. My brother and ship roommates never seemed to care. I told them what I was doing when they asked and that was that. They never got upset about it.

The chat was Sunday and I didn’t have school Monday, but without being able to sleep or close my doors to pretend to study while I watched anime to deal with stress, I had to get away. Grandmother was at lunch with her friends, so I made sure to leave before she got back and I would have to justify leaving. (Why I need to justify leaving I will never understand).

I sat at school with my computer and wifi waiting for someone, to sign on to facebook, that would also be on campus. I didn’t find anyone that was available to hang out, but I made plans with someone before I left. I killed three hours or so talking to people that weren’t physically present while I waited for the time when the plans started. Thank you DARPA for being paranoid and wanting a fault tolerant communication system (read “internet”).

The rest of the story is normal people hang out stuff. Ate dinner at a restaurant. Planned to play pool but then saw bowling lanes and went bowling instead. Five games I think. Most of them were bad. When I got a 184 we stopped. I figured I wasn’t going to bowl any better since my arm was getting sore. I don’t get a lot of exercise when I’m not sneaking out at night playing foursquare.

Note I’ve been “sleeping” for the two hours it took to write this post. Does it help me with school? No. Does it make anyone happy? Probably not. So why did I write it? I’m mean.

To recap, I don’t get enough sleep, but I’d rather be teased about sleeping too much than yelled at for playing games. It’s not how much time you work, it’s how effective that time is. I can balance it, and I can explain how I balance it, but I can’t reason with angry people. Angry people expecting a dialogue are stress inducing because true dialogue requires reason.

Moral of the story? If you are angry, stay away from me. I’ll blog about you if you don’t.

I started school.

Classes started monday (2010-08-23).  I'm taking five classes this semester (currently).  The work load of Physics and four Computer Science courses is rather difficult however.  Generally advisors recommend taking no more than two CS courses in a semester.  Now that I'm taking senior level CS courses, the workload of individual classes has gone up dramatically.  I wasn't expecting things to be due in the first week.

I may end up dropping one or two.  This won't affect my academic career.  Pretty much no matter what I do I'll have fulfilled all the requirements to get a CS degree by the end of Spring 2011.  However, I like the idea of pursuing a dual major in Math and CS, so I'll probably stick around for another year before getting my degree.

I finally got all my contacts in google.

It only took me four years.  It's not that I had a lot of contacts or anything, I'm just lazy.  Well I have a lot of contacts too, but I don't keep in touch.  As I went through my address "book" today, I realized I miss many people that have probably already forgotten about me.  Trying to remember how I met people was akin to flipping through a photo album of the last sixteen years.  I feel like an old man looking back on his childhood with a euphoric sense of nostalgia.

I got an A in the second semester of Japanese as well.  The prof and two of the other eight students told me I should continue Japanese.  I don't want to do anything outside of my degree right now though.  I need to make sure I get that slip of paper before I run out of money.  Which is coming sooner now that I bought that stupid (awesome) iPhone.  (Note: Do not send me money, I'm exaggerating the impact of that purchase.)

I bought something else that's cool and received far less media attention.  It is called a "Boogie Board", but it's not the kind you take to the beach.  It is basically an information age version of the old "Magic Slate".  It's a passive LCD panel that you can draw on with pressure, and clear with the press of a button.  It does not connect to a computer or plug into anything, it is a standalone device.  So the Magic Slate analogy is very accurate indeed.  The only real difference is that I press a button instead of lift and replace a plastic sheet.  I mean both will probably wear out after 50,000 uses.  The Magic Slate because it is cheaply made, and the Boogie Board because the screen clears are powered by an unreplaceable watch battery.

For those of you following me through Google Buzz, you should be able to read the full article again.  My brother was quite vocal in his disapproval of having to open a new page to read past the title, so I fixed it.  If anyone else has some preference for reading my blog that is not currently possible, please let me know.  I do not anticipate this blog getting so popular that I cannot personally handle individual requests.

Grandmother is doing pretty well I think.  Her friend, Carolyn, is using a walker all the time now.  Hopefully that will stop her from falling.  She's also got a lift chair here (she comes over here every day for dinner, and occasionally lunch too).  My grandmother does not approve of the chair being in this house.  The irony is that my grandmother picked out the chair.

Oh and to the people that found this after I friended them on facebook today.  Sorry if you do not actually know me.  Friend finder found 116 people that had facebook accounts associated with e-mails in my address book.  I did not actually go through them all by hand.

Twenty Seven in Human Years.

Today was my birthday.  Happy birthday me.  Congratulations to me for surviving twenty seven revolutions around the star we call “Sun”, on the planet we call “Earth”, in the galaxy we call “Milky Way” in the space we call “Universe”.  I would go into further detail here, but then I would have to choose which group of people I want reading this.

Grandmother had surgery Friday.  Walking around same day.  Granted it should not have affected her walking.  My point is that she still had energy.  She was doing well today too.  We went to dinner with Carolyn to celebrate my birthday.  I really wanted to get a cheeseburger from Wendy’s, but that is not the sort of thing we do here, so I had a subpar steak at an upscale restaurant that deserves no advertisement from me.  It was expensive.

On an unrelated note, Carolyn started talking to the manager who lost 118 pounds by changing his diet.  He attributed it to a book called “The China Study” or something like that.  Apparently it exists because someone was trying to prove that nutrition cannot cure cancer.  Then they discovered that their hypothesis was incorrect.  I think I want to look into that book some other time.  Someone please remind me in six months.

I took a nap today before dinner.  My grandmother was asleep for a long time and I thought, “yay, I can sleep without getting lectured.”  So while each of us was sleeping, someone snuck into the house and delivered a cake.  Apparently the cake maker called out our names a few times, but after nobody answered, she just left.  Note to self, never lock door, burglars bring yummy treats.

To those that called me or sent me a message, thanks.  To anyone that did not, [shunning silence].

It Rained Today

I think I mentioned it before, but I’m taking Japanese over the summer, two semesters of it.  The first portion ended, I got an A (go me!).  We have a different Sensei (professor) this semester.  She seems new to teaching.

We’re currently learning how to express preferences, saying what we do and don’t like.  When a student asked Onishi-sensei what she likes to drink, I was expecting something like “water”.  Instead, she replied, “beer and wine.”  New to teaching.

I realize that most of my readers aren’t interested in how my website works, so I’m going to try to stop mentioning technical aspects of things.  Suffice it to say, I obsess over them, and spent most of yesterday working on my website.  It didn’t slip my mind that I had a lot of homework to do, but I didn’t bother starting it until after 10pm.  So I went to bed around 2am.

I was very tired when I woke up, so I had some coke (caffeine content).  I read something on about caffeine helping your memory or some such nonsense, so I figured it wouldn’t hurt with my kanji quiz.  I spent about 10 minutes looking over the kanji before class started, I think I did all right.  I know I missed one, but if I make no mistakes, people get jealous, so it’s not worth extra effort.

When I got home, I was no longer tired (thanks to the coke), but I still took a nap because I knew I needed it.  It takes a long time to fall asleep when I’m not tired, which is why I’m so accustomed to falling asleep around 4am.  At that point, most people call it “passing out”, rather than “going to bed.”  Taking a long time to fall asleep often leads people to believe that I sleep a lot.  I don’t.  It’s not really insomnia either.  If I’m left to my own schedule, I get about 7.5 to 9 hours a day, and I fall asleep within 30 minutes of the attempt.  However, most of the waking hours are when the stars are out.  Although, nobody lets me keep my own sleep schedule.  Everyone has some kind of input.  Which has lead to my current situation of 4.5 to 6 hours and coke in strategically dosed amounts throughout the day.  I mean the soda, despite using the word “dosed”.

Today, while I was napping after class, it rained.  I think that’s the second time this year.  When I “finally” woke up my grandmother “Aunt” Joane pointed out the puddles in the carport.  The expensive new screens in the contemporary design she wanted, rather than the suggestion a neighbor made, facilitate the formation of a thin sheet of water the whole length of the carport.  Most of the water evaporates shortly after the rain stops, but a significant amount of water pools in the dips of the concrete floor of the carport.  The concrete has been there for decades so it is no longer level.  This leftover water “of course” is the “neighbor’s fault” for (beautifully) installing a (functional) trench drain that “doesn’t work”.  A (permeable) vertical screen wall is “obviously” waterproof.  So I’m supposed to have the neighbor that dug the “failed” (working) trench drain fix the water problem (that his recommendation, if taken, would have alleviated).

I think I’m going to buy a big squeegee for the monsoon season.

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